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Mortgage Note Receivable

Mortgage Note Receivable
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2018
Receivables [Abstract]  
Mortgage Note Receivable

Note 8 - Mortgage Note Receivable


In June 2014, the Company acquired a mortgage note from a bank for $2,626 which was collateralized by, among other things, the underlying real estate and related improvements. The property subject to the mortgage was owned by an entity managed by Daniel Fisher, one of the founders of Biozone, the property was also under lease to MusclePharm. The mortgage note had a maturity date of August 1, 2032 and bears an interest rate of 7.24%.


Shortly thereafter in 2014, Daniel Fisher and his affiliate, 580 Garcia Properties LLC (the primary obligor of the note), brought multiple lawsuits against the Company involving its predecessors and subsidiaries. The lawsuits were later settled and the complaints dismissed, without the Company making any payments to either Mr. Fisher or 580 Garcia Properties LLC. At the time of the note’s acquisition, 580 Garcia Properties LLC was delinquent in its obligation to make monthly payments. In December 2015, the Company proceeded in accordance with rights of a secured real estate creditor under California law, to initiate private foreclosure proceedings. During 2017, the court enjoined the Company from proceeding with the foreclosure sale pending further developments in the litigation.


In February 2018, the Company, Daniel Fisher, and 580 Garcia Properties LLC resolved all outstanding claims and disputes. As part of this settlement, the Company received a payment of $1,400 in exchange for the release of the aforementioned note and deed of trust.