Cocrystal Announces Board Changes

BOTHELL, WA, Jan. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cocrystal Pharma, Inc., a biotechnology company with a proprietary technology platform focused on developing medicines to treat viral diseases, today announced changes to its board of directors. Dr. Raymond F Schinazi, who has served as chairman or co-chairman of Cocrystal’s board of directors since November 2014, has elected to retire from the board on February 1, 2019. Pending compliance approval from his academic affiliations, he will become a special advisor to the CEO and also serve on the scientific advisory board.

The board of directors has appointed Dr. Gary Wilcox to serve as chairman, in addition to his position as CEO, effective on February 1, 2019. “On behalf of Cocrystal’s management and Board, I would like to thank Ray for his many contributions over the last four years,” said Dr. Wilcox. “I am delighted that Cocrystal will be able to continue to benefit from his expertise as an advisor.” The company also announced that Dr. David Block has also elected to retire from the board on January 4.

The Company is in the process of reviewing several identified board candidates. The board looks forward to working with its new members to help propel Cocrystal forward in its mission.

About Cocrystal Pharma, Inc.

Cocrystal Pharma, Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company discovering and developing novel antiviral therapeutics that target the replication machinery of influenza viruses, hepatitis C viruses, and noroviruses. Cocrystal employs unique structure-based technologies and Nobel Prize winning expertise to create first- and best-in-class antiviral drugs. Novel inhibitors effective against influenza strains A and B have been identified and are in the preclinical stage. Several of these have potencies approaching single digit nanomolar. The Company’s lead candidate CC- 42344 for influenza strain A is effective in animal models against both the pandemic and seasonal strains of influenza A. We continue to identify and develop non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitors for Norovirus infections using the Company’s proprietary structure-based drug design technology platform. For further information about Cocrystal, please visit

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