Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Mortgage Note Receivable

Mortgage Note Receivable
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2016
Receivables [Abstract]  
Mortgage Note Receivable

6. Mortgage Note Receivable


In June 2014, the Company acquired a mortgage note from a bank for $2,626,290 which is collateralized by, among other things, the underlying real estate and related improvements. The property subject to the mortgage is owned by Daniel Fisher, one of the founders of Biozone, and is currently under lease to MusclePharm. The mortgage note has a maturity date of August 1, 2032 and bears an interest rate of 7.24%.


In 2014, Daniel Fisher and his affiliate, 580 Garcia Properties LLC, brought multiple lawsuits against the Company involving its predecessors and subsidiaries. The lawsuits have been settled and the complaints initiating them dismissed, without the Company making any payments to either Mr. Fisher or 580 Garcia Properties LLC. In addition, the mortgage note discussed above is a promissory note secured by a deed of trust under which 580 Garcia Properties LLC is the primary obligor. As of the time of the acquisition by the Company of the promissory note, 580 Garcia Properties LLC, was delinquent in its obligation to make certain monthly payments thereunder. Consequently, in December 2015, the Company issued notice of default letters to 580 Garcia Properties LLC, Daniel Fisher, and Sharon Fisher for said delinquencies, and proceeded in accordance with rights of a secured real estate creditor under California law, to initiate private foreclosure proceedings respecting the property, to foreclose under the promissory note secured by the deed of trust. A foreclosure sale was set in accordance with California law for January 27, 2017. Prior to the date of this foreclosure sale, Mr. Fisher filed a motion where he sought among other things an order of the court enjoining the foreclosure sale, alleging wrongdoing by the Company and Biozone Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and others that Mr. Fisher claims the Company has direct responsibility over. The court in the Fisher/Biozone Lawsuit heard oral argument on Mr. Fisher’s motion on March 2, 2017. On March 23, 2017, the court ordered further briefing by March 30, 2017 on the issue of whether to enjoin the foreclosure sale. Since the filing of Mr. Fisher’s motion the Company has voluntarily postponed the announced foreclosure sale several times from the original January 27, 2017 date and it is currently scheduled for April 28, 2017. There is no assurance that the sale date will not again be changed; that is highly dependent on proceedings in the Fisher/Biozone Lawsuit.


Because the Company intends to foreclose on the property and foreclosure is probable, the Company recognized an impairment on the mortgage note receivable of $1,176,000 to adjust the carrying value of the note to its fair value. The fair value of the note was determined by reference to the estimated fair value of the underlying property, which was determined based on analysis of comparable properties and recent market data. Furthermore, as a result of the Company’s plan to divest of this asset within the next twelve months, the asset was reclassified from long-term to current.